Detox = Wellness

Developed by naturopath Dr. Claude Matar, the Detox = Wellness Protocol, or DWP, is a gentle and gradual process designed to give the liver, the body’s only detoxification organ, a very significant healing break so that it can wear its detoxification “hat” perfectly to help heal the body and bring it back to proper balance which translates into better wellness and optimum weight.


The liver has three main detoxification functions:

  1. Secretion of bile to help get rid of toxins and cholesterol
  2. Filtering of blood to get rid of toxins
  3. Breaking down chemicals, like pharmaceutical drugs and pesticides that lodge in the system.

Remember that you need to be healthy to lose weight not the other way around.

The liver needs to be in an excellent working condition in order for the body to achieve optimum health, fitness and weight loss. The healthy body neutralizes chemicals on an ongoing basis (liver detox) which allows then to be then eliminated through the 4 elimination systems of the body, namely: The colon, the skin, the kidneys, and the lungs. Toxins get transported to the liver primarily through the lymphatic circulatory system.


The detox process (Detox = Wellness Protocol) is designed to help patients achieve their long-term wellness and weight loss goals. DWP uses natural foods and herbal medicine. Prep time is kept at a minimal level so that you have time to rest whenever needed to help the body heal and the liver to work more effectively on detoxifying the body. All instructions are included in the DWP booklet to help you start the protocol, which is conducted under qualified DWP coach supervision.


This detox process can be extended up to 30-days. Try it for 6 days and if all seems fine, extend it for up to 30 days.

Rule of thumb: The longer the cleanse the better the results.


This evaluation helps establish a baseline for your body’s current toxic level and its ability to perform normal detoxification and elimination functions. This allows us to determine the best possible course of action to best help you achieve better detoxification (liver and lymph) and elimination (sweating, urination, exhaling and defecation). Once that is established, future assessments will be performed to help evaluate areas of progress and areas of lack thereof, so that proper change of strategy is enacted until optimum function is restored to the detox and elimination routes of your body.

The Liver

Detoxification is an exclusive function of the liver. When chemicals accumulate in the body at a faster rate than its ability to eliminate them, the body becomes poisoned and detoxification critical for survival. If the liver fails to do so, ill health sets in. The Liver Flush is a tightly supervised and an utterly simple regimen of food-based liver rejuvenation. So simple that even wild animals practice it instinctively. However, man is so conditioned in his habits, that he has to strip himself of false complicated practices to be able to learn what he once, instinctively, knew thousands of years ago. 

Detox Activation Treatment (DAT)

DAT promotes natural healing, helps slim down and firm up the entire body producing the following health benefits:

  1. Reduction in body weight and body size
  2. Activation of metabolism.
  3. Reduction/reshaping of cellulite of the legs
  4. Improvement of bad venous circulation (varicose veins)
  5. Reduction of premenstrual bloating
  6. Improvement in skin oxygenation and tone
  7. Reduction of bags under the eyes