Dr. Matar
 is a naturopath, clinical nutritionist, herbalist, and founder of the Pasadena Weight Loss Center. He received his MD in 1986, and was certified as a naturopathic physician in 1998.

He eventually left the medical field to pursue his growing interest in alternative health solutions.             
Dr. Matar’s research into the underlying cause of illness and disease lead to the development of a completely natural and highly effective weight loss protocol for men and women over 50.


Dr. Claude Matar completed his MD in 1986, and became a board certified naturopathic physician and certified clinical nutritionist in 1998. The cause of his expanding practice? A general sense of dissatisfaction with trends in the medical system. Many doctors were over scheduled and understaffed, which left them treating superficial symptoms with medication, rather than educating their patients on how to treat the cause of their symptoms…


“I dream of a health care system where everyone has access to simple, inexpensive and workable information and training on health promotion and disease prevention; where patients are looked at as participating students, and primary care doctors as teachers; and where man is unburdened by his physical complaints and instead is more engaged in the pursuit of spiritual freedom…”

The Matar Method

Just like apples and oranges, my method for Wellness Weight Loss is nothing like any program you may have done before!You’ve exercised, counted calories, and cut out fat, then protein and now carbohydrates. You’ve probably even tried prescription drugs, over the counter meds or supplements – yet there it is: The same old 10 or even 100 lbs clinging to your anatomy like chewing gum sticking to the sidewalk on a hot, summer day. ...