As our decades of clinical experience and stellar success records show, eating becomes a problem when you can no longer eat only when and because you are hungry (overeating) and/or no longer stop eating when you are satisfied (overindulging). These are the results of the many societal “norms”we have been bombarded with over the years — fad diets, subliminal advertising, getting a treat for being well-behaved when we were kids; and the list goes on and on, which over time, aberrated our relationship with food.

There are several lifestyle factors that act as triggers for overeating and overindulging, which your highly trained coach can help you identify and effectively develop the skill sets necessary for their lifelong control.

Life Coaching

Our life coaching focuses on helping those over 50 develop the lifelong skills necessary in 21 areas including nutrition, hydration, sleep, energy, exercise, stress, schedule etc. Once your personalized plan is created and delivered to you, a 3-tier coaching management system is put in place to get you winning with your new plan through professional weekly testing, training, and coaching sessions. Plans are then adjusted based on your response and input.

Advanced Testing 

Using the most advanced wellness and fitness technology available, our fully computerized testing protocol includes 3-D Full Body ScanBody Composition, and numerous Heart Rate Variability tests including an Inner-Balance ScanAdvanced Fitness, and Heart Recovery tests.

All of these tests are done on a regular basis to ensure accurate and productive weight loss is achieved safely and effectively.

Special Programs 

  1. Inflammation Repair Plan: Experience dramatic relief from stubborn inflammatory symptoms (body aches, pain, and stiffness) and lose significant weight!
  2. Med Reduction Program: Reduce or eliminate medications safely through frequent testing, effective coaching, PCP coordination, and supervised training.
  3. Diabetes Relief Program: Establish a personalized food/exercise routine to help diabetes naturally.