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Over 25 Years in Business

Expertise in delivering personalized weight loss programs for over three decades.

Award-Winning Programs

Multiple awards recognizing our innovative and results-driven weight loss approaches.

Certified Coaches & Nutritionists

A dedicated team of certified professionals providing unlimited support and accountability.

Over 5000 People Supported

Empowering network of individuals, personalized support, and testimonials to motivate and direct you.

Life Coaching

At Pasadena Weight Loss Center, we believe in a holistic approach to wellness that extends beyond the physical. Our Life Coaching services are designed to empower you with the knowledge, support, and accountability you need to achieve lasting health and happiness.

Professional Nutritionist Support: Dive into a personalized nutrition plan crafted by our expert nutritionists, designed to fuel your body and mind.

Functional, Cardio, and Resistance Training: Engage in tailored exercise programs that blend functional movements, cardiovascular health, and strength training to meet your unique fitness goals.

Natural Sleep Optimization Plans: Discover natural strategies and practices to enhance the quality of your sleep, laying the foundation for better health.

Natural Stress Management Plans: Learn effective techniques and routines to manage stress, promoting a balanced and peaceful life.

Natural Detox and Elimination Plans: Follow our guidance on gentle detoxification methods to cleanse your body and support overall wellness.

Compliance, Progress, and Accountability Support: Benefit from our continuous support, ensuring you remain motivated and on track to achieve your health objectives.

Functional Medicine

Pasadena Weight Loss Center's Functional Medicine services address the root causes of health issues through cutting-edge diagnostic testing and personalized medical interventions. Our approach is centered on understanding your unique health profile and tailoring interventions to optimize your well-being.

Advanced Lab Testing: Utilize comprehensive testing, including genetic, microbiome, epigenetic, GI mapping, and more, to uncover the deepest insights into your health.

Advanced Medical Weight Loss Protocols: Experience personalized weight loss plans informed by medical insights, targeting the underlying causes of weight gain.

Advanced Medical Sleep Protocols: Implement custom sleep protocols designed to improve your sleep health and overall well-being.

Advanced Medical Stress Protocols: Adopt medical strategies tailored to reduce stress and its impacts on your life.

Advanced Hormone Replacement Protocols: Receive customized hormone therapy for thyroid, adrenal, and other hormonal imbalances, restoring your body's natural balance.

Advanced Peptide Therapy Protocols: Explore innovative peptide treatments for a range of health conditions, leveraging the latest in medical science.

Advanced Antiaging Protocols: Engage in cutting-edge solutions for healthy aging, focusing on vitality and longevity.

IV and IM Vitamin Protocols: Benefit from personalized vitamin treatments designed to meet your body's specific needs.

At Pasadena Weight Loss Center, we offer flexible options to suit your needs. Choose from monthly memberships that provide a set number of sessions across different offerings, or select specific packages to target particular services. Whatever your preference, we have a plan tailored for you. Reach out to us to find the perfect fit!

Voted #1 in the San Gabriel Valley for 10 Consecutive Years

Why Choose "Pasadena Weight Loss Center" for Membership

Tailored for Mature Adults, Driven by Innovation and Care

At the Pasadena Weight Loss Center, we're not just about losing weight; we're about crafting a wellness journey that fits you. With decades of expertise and an all-inclusive approach.

Voted #1 in the San Gabriel Valley for 10 Consecutive Years

  • Pioneering Technology: Our cutting-edge methods, including the country's first full-body scan installed at a weight loss center, bring precision to your personalized plan.

  • A Focus on Mature Adults: We specialize in catering to mature adults with programs that consider every aspect of your life. Whether it's peak cardio training or functional fitness, we tailor solutions to you.

  • Longevity and Innovation: From leading obesity research in 1994 to introducing our all-inclusive membership programs in 2023, our history is rich with groundbreaking achievements.

  • A Legacy of Trust: Recognized for our unique methodology, expertise, and certifications, our accolades are not just awards; they are promises of quality.

Choosing us means choosing a path that values you. It means trusting a team that has led the field in wellness and weight loss, always looking ahead. At the Pasadena Weight Loss Center, we're committed to your health, your goals, and your unique journey.

Experience Transformation with FIT50: Real Stories, Real Results

Meet our satisfied FIT50 clients who embarked on a life-changing journey with Pasadena Weight Loss Center.

Daniel, lost 20 pounds

Evelyn, lost 45 pounds

Gary, lost 40 pounds

Elizabeth, lost 40 pounds

Sandra, lost 35 pounds

Sean, lost 20 pounds

Harold, lost 110 pounds

Manuel, lost 17 pounds

Carole, lost 38 pounds

Begin Your Transformation with ZERO Risk

Embark on a life-changing journey with the FIT50 Weight Loss Program. Our scientifically designed approach targets belly fat, blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol, setting you on a path to optimal health and well-being.


The FIT50 program's unique methodology goes beyond mere weight loss. It's about enhancing your entire lifestyle. And the best part? You can start with absolutely no risk. Your free consultation includes:

  • Body Composition Testing: Understand your body's unique make-up and what it needs to thrive.

  • Fitness Evaluation: Receive a detailed assessment of your current fitness level, tailored to guide your wellness journey.

  • Personal Training Session: Experience one-on-one training with a professional who's as committed to your goals as you are.

  • Program Information and Discussion: Get all your questions answered and learn how the Fit50 program can revolutionize your life.

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Meet the Expert Team Behind Pasadena Weight Loss Center

Your Pathway to Health: A Multidisciplinary Team of Medical Coordinators, Life Coaches, Personal Trainers, Wellness Consultants, and More

Our dedicated team at Pasadena Weight Loss Center brings together various expertise to provide a comprehensive and personalized approach to your wellness journey. From medical evaluations to individualized training programs, our professionals are committed to guiding you every step of the way.

Dr. Claude Matar, MD, CN


Dr. Claude Matar founded Pasadena Weight Loss Center in 1996. Board-certified in naturopathic medicine and clinical nutrition, he pioneered a natural longevity protocol for men and women over 50, known as the FIT50 program. His research and unique approach have helped clients reverse chronic disease, reduce meds, and achieve optimum weight for over two decades.

Rawaa Matar, MS, BS

Program Coordinator

Rawaa Matar coordinates programs with her Masters in Business Administration and other degrees. Passionate about healthy living, she enjoys spending time with her dog, Bella, and cooking healthy meals. Her skills in coordination and administration make her a key asset to our team.

Oscar Flores, BS

Fitness Manager

Known as O-Flo, Oscar Flores is the Fitness Manager with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. Running a non-profit and serving over 20,000 PT sessions, he brings his passion and people skills to PWLC.

Mike Kabajouzian, BS

Kinesiology Exercise Specialist

Mike Kabajouzian graduated from Cal State University, Northridge in kinesiology exercise science. His experience includes volunteering at physical therapy clinics, coaching youth basketball, and managing a community fitness program.

Camille Reyes, NASM

Health and Fitness Specialist

Camille Reyes graduated with an associate's degree in Advanced Health and Fitness, along with a NASM certificate. Her extensive training includes performance, cardiovascular, and resistance training. She loves seeing clients transform and pursue healthy lifestyles.

Michele Lindop

Assistant Manager

Michele Lindop, the assistant manager at Pasadena Weight Loss Center, has been mentored by Dr. Matar and Rawaa. She enjoys seeing clients achieve their goals and loves animals, sports, and cooking. Her dedication adds value to our administrative team.

Alejandro Mena

Kinesiology Exercise Specialist

Alejandro Mena earned his bachelor's degree in Kinesiology Applied Fitness & Active Lifestyle from California State University, Northridge. With over four years of experience in science-based training, Alejandro achieved his NASM personal training certification in 2019 and has since been dedicated to enhancing individuals' health and fitness.

Elvis Arevalo

Bilingual Personal Trainer

Elvis Arevalo is a bilingual personal trainer fluent in English and Spanish, certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) since 2017. Elvis's approach to personal training combines individualized programs with a deep understanding of his trainees, ensuring a balance of enhancing strengths and addressing challenges.

Emily Albert


Emily Albert holds a master’s degree in human clinical nutrition from the Maryland University of Integrative Health and is a Registered Nurse and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Drawing from her hospital experience, Emily champions a holistic approach to health, emphasizing a comprehensive lifestyle shift.

Still Have Questions?

Dive into our Frequently Asked Questions below to find the answers you're looking for. If you need more personalized assistance, don't hesitate to call us at (626) 844-4686. We're here to help!

What exactly is the Fit50 Weight Loss Program?

The Fit50 Weight Loss Program is a comprehensive approach to wellness, targeting individuals over 50. It focuses on reducing belly fat, blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol through natural means. The program combines fitness training, nutritional guidance, and lifestyle education to create a personalized path to optimal health.

How does the NO RISK - FREE CONSULTATION work?

The free consultation offers an opportunity to experience the Fit50 Program without any obligation. It includes a body composition test, a fitness evaluation, a personal training session, and a detailed discussion about the program. Simply sign up through our website to claim your free consultation.

Is the program suitable for someone with medical conditions?

Our program is designed with care, but individual health needs can vary. We recommend discussing your specific medical conditions with our qualified professionals during the free trial session to ensure that the program is tailored to your needs.

What are the credentials of the trainers and specialists?

Our team consists of experienced professionals with diverse qualifications, including medical degrees, fitness certifications, and specializations in nutrition. You can learn more about each team member on our "Meet Our Fantastic Team" page.

How long does it take to see results?

The results may vary based on individual goals, commitment, and starting point. Typically, clients begin to see noticeable improvements within the first few weeks. Our team will work closely with you to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments.

Can I continue with my current diet while on the Fit50 Program?

The Fit50 Program emphasizes healthy eating habits as a key part of achieving your goals. Our specialists will work with you to develop a nutrition plan that accommodates your preferences and aligns with the program's principles.

What support is offered beyond the fitness and nutritional guidance?

The Fit50 Program is not just about exercise and diet; it's about fostering a holistic lifestyle change. We offer continuous support, regular check-ins, educational workshops, and a community of fellow participants to keep you motivated and engaged.

How can I contact Fit50 if I have more questions?

Feel free to reach out to us via phone, email, or through our contact form on the website. Our dedicated team is always here to assist you with any inquiries.

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