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3 Steps to Reverse Metabolic Syndrome

By Dr. Claude Matar

Dr. Claude Matar’s program for those 50 and older called The FIT50 Longevity Program is the culmination of over three decades of lifestyle medicine experience by Dr. Matar.

This program delivered here at Pasadena Weight Loss Center is designed to prevent and reverse what he termed back in 1998, Premature Subclinical Degeneration Syndrome (PSDS). Today this is clinically known as metabolic syndrome.

PSDS is a set of asymptomatic, concurrent risk factors that usually go undiagnosed (subclinical) for many years before they suddenly turn into a life-threatening condition, or even sudden death as their first sign.

Approximately one out of every three adults over 45 years of age living in the U.S. already have at least three of the PSDS risk factors, already in clinical, diagnosable ranges, including high blood pressure, high LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, blood sugar level, stubborn midsection obesity, etc.

Controlling these factors with the FIT50 program could reduce a person’s risk for sudden death due to a heart attack or a stroke by up to 80%. In fact, the purpose of the FIT50 program is to bring these values to what Dr. Matar consider to be “longevity ranges” which many of our program participants reach and maintain.


The FIT50 program achieves the above longevity values for its participants by helping them rebalance three specific modifiable lifestyle characteristics, which even when minimally modified, can significantly reduce the incidence of PSDS and sudden death for American adults, namely: imbalanced nutrition, imbalanced activity, imbalanced body composition.

Here are the minimal steps needed to rebalance the above unhealthy lifestyle characteristics and significantly increase one’s chances at a long healthy life:

1. Balancing Nutrition

Incorporate the correct daily servings of fruits and vegetables as recommended by your coach. The Fit50 Longevity Program will provide you with a professional nutritionist who will guide you with personalized meal plans to have a balanced diet. For example, training you on incorporating the right amount of leafy green and colored chunky vegetables with your meals and snacks to bring them into proper balance such as adding vegetables to an egg scramble to make the meal more nutritionally balanced.

2. Balancing Activity

Have an exercise routine figured out for you. With the Fit50 Longevity Program you experience advanced fitness testing utilizing Heart Rate Variability (HRV) technology, which helps determine your optimum personal heart rate for the right workout. Then, with professional supervision for accuracy in implementation and ongoing evaluation of results, do at least 3 weekly 30-minute sessions on advanced, computer assisted equipment including the adaptive resistance exerciser (ARX®), the peak cardio trainer (PCT™), and the resisted range of motion (R-ROM™) stretching machine.

3. Balancing Body Composition

Achieve a healthy waistline of less than 38” for men and 34” for women. The Fit50 Longevity Program’s components, including advanced BodyGram™ segmental body composition technology and Styku® 3D full body scanning technology, are designed to help your coach effectively guide you to proper fat mass, lean mass, water mass and metabolism.

Guided by the advanced technology available to the highly trained professionals at the Fit50 Longevity Program in Pasadena, committing to making minimal behavioral changes to your lifestyle, can help you be well, fit and slim for hopefully and long and fulfilling life.

Make the first step today by contacting us or calling us at 626-472-2177 to finally experience a unique and simple, yet effective approach to true longevity.

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