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Our 22 years of experience taught us the importance of Testing and RETESTING. Among other tests, we run state-of-the-art Segmental Body Composition Analysis, 3D Full Body Scans and Advanced Stress Resilience Tests.

State of the Art Technology

With older age comes many things, from wisdom to a slower metabolism. However, if you think weight loss is no longer an option, it’s time to think again. With an educated approach to fitness and nutrition, it’s possible to inspire and create a change at any age.

Let us show you the way to a well, fit, slim YOU.

Body Composition Analysis (BCA)

We utilize accurate, simple, and powerful body composition testing technology to get information and feedback that helps you lose stubborn body fat, build more muscle, and improve your health and fitness.

  • BCA helps your fitness team customize your workouts, your diet, your hydration, and your supplementation to lose fat and build muscle more efficiently.
  • BCA helps you and your coach optimize your program to suit your body’s specific physiological response to your plan on an on-going basis.
  • BCA helps you identify deep level cellular dysfunction and personal long-term health risks, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hormonal imbalances, and more.

3-D Full Body Scan

Throw away that tape measure. We all know the cost of human error in hand measurements. 3-D Body Scan is 76% more precise than measurements from the most skilled hand-measuring experts. With its razor-sharp, high-resolution infrared images, this technology captures millions of data points in a matter of seconds in a fast, non-invasive process.

  • Monitor the changes in YOUR body’s shape and dimensions as your body responds to your fitness and nutritional guidance.
  • Track baseline circumferences like your hips, thighs, waist, bust, and more.
  • Estimate your metabolism at a glance and communicate full reports with your doctor at any time.

Stress Resilience Test

Using state-of-the-art Heart Rate Variability technology or HRV, testing tools can increase the safety and effectiveness of the workouts to help you achieve better results with weight loss. For that purpose, we frequently run our HRV-based Advanced Fitness Tests to give the training coach an accurate assessment of the heart’s current ability to withstand a workout. Regular testing during the weight loss journey helps the coach see if the program is making you more stress resilient, which means that you are more capable of withstanding the kind of fully monitored high-intensity workout that we offer without adding to your stress level or increasing your cortisol.

  • Inner Balance Scan
  • Heart Fitness Testing
  • Heart Recovery Testing

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