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Expert Personal Trainers

If you've struggled with exercise recently, or are looking for a way to break back into the world of fitness but find current options overwhelming, look no further. Having an expert personal trainer, kinesiologist, or exercise physiologist, experienced in older adults, and proficient at tailoring exercise options to your body and your goals is how our clients achieve just the kind of results they have hoped for.

Expert Personal Trainers!

Interested in seeing how to effectively exercise for optimum results?

Our expert trainers will show you just how to improve your range of motion, increase your muscle mass and elevate your cardio fitness in one 30-minute or 1-Hour session.

You can experience this for yourself, FREE of charge.

Range Of Motion Flexibility

Our computer-controlled range of motion machine (ROM) is the ultimate sustained-flexibility 8-minute full body flexibility workout, as it moves the body through a wider range of motion by requiring continual resistance throughout each movement. Your expert personal trainer will give you the best tips to achieve your goals on this machine.

Benefits: Higher metabolism, wider range of motion, long-lasting flexibility, and better nourished, longer muscles.

8 minutes ROM = 60 gym minutes

Adaptive Resistance Exercise

Our expert trainers utilize a computer-guided, Adaptive Resistance Exerciser (ARX) that automatically adapts to the strength of your major muscles groups.

Benefits: Perfect resistance based on your strength every moment of the workout. Tracking software that provides real-time results. Maximum safety and outcome, in just 5-10 minutes, for users of over 50.

10 minutes of ARX = 60 gym minutes

Sprint 8 Cardio Training

Our expert trainers guide you through a 20-minute Sprint Cardio Training (SCT) routine to help you fight weight gain and improve your heart fitness.

Benefits: Lowered midsection fat by a factor of 5.7x, increased cardio capacity in as little as 2 weeks, dramatically improved muscle tone, higher sexual energy and sexual desire, improved athletic speed and performance, and improved skin tone.

20 minutes SCT = 60 gym minutes

Functional Training

Want to elevate your training off the equipment and utilize your own body weight and free weights? Our functional training focuses on training your muscles to do everyday activities safely and efficiently. The personalized programming uses a combination of resistance bands, dumbbells, and body weight to develop and train your muscles across your body to work together to improve your quality of life.

Benefits: Improve movement patterns & efficiency, increase coordination and mobility, increased calorie burn, increase lean muscle mass, improved aerobic capacity, and improved skin tone.

30 minute & 1 hour sessions available

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