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Eating for Pleasure and Weight Loss

By Dr. Claude Matar

One of the most basic needs of all living creatures is food. Every creature on the surface of the planet knows how to eat. It is an inborn skill that does not need to be learned. What's really interesting is the fact that they all eat in the same manner. They chew their foods and eat with full sensual enjoyment of the smell, color, texture, and taste of the food while they are eating it. When the taste stops being “wonderful” and the sensual enjoyment begins to diminish, and then disappear, they stop eating and walk away from the food fully content even if a lot of food still remains.

This enjoyment of the food, closely interlocked with its smell, color, texture, and taste, is how the brain instinctively guides you to cease eating when its needs are fulfilled.

Animals are sometimes so totally immersed in the enjoyment of the smell, color, texture, and taste of the food that they even close their eyes to avoid any potential of distraction, and stop eating when the senses of smell, vision, and taste begin to lose their sensuality.

The taste buds, and consequently the brain, sense food more effectively and reach satisfaction more quickly when the food or drink is between room temperature and body temperature: i.e.: roughly between 60° and 100°).

When you eat, nothing else should exist for you except being totally lost and dissolved in the taste of the food. You can be so thoroughly satisfied with much smaller amounts of food that you are likely to be totally happy to stop eating long before you feel any distension in the stomach.

Pleasure is obviously one of the main reasons why most people eat.

As a nutritional coaching client at PWLC, you will be trained to maximize the many layers of pleasure you can get from the food you eat by enhancing its quality, which means better flavor, smell, color, presentation, etc., which has been proven to considerably lessens your need for quantity.

This is probably the most overlooked, yet the most effective, way to decrease one's food intake without having to work at it or, even worse, be on a diet, or, as one of my patients once put it: “this is the easiest way to bring food enjoyment to realms I never thought possible, lose weight and cut my grocery bill in half while buying more expensive, healthier food ingredients! It really is incredible!”

Eating healthy isn't always easy. Picking the right foods, understanding correct portion sizes, and meeting all of your daily objectives can be easier said than done. With our highly trained nutritionist, you can reinvigorate your diet, improve your eating habits, and find out what it takes to lose weight and feel your best.

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