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Post Workout Pressotherapy

Whether you want to alleviate mental strain, reduce the symptoms of stress and fatigue, or even improve happiness, we'll help you live your best life yet.

Detoxification Benefits

Improving Your Wellness

The 3-Tiered Detox Protocol examines toxicity levels, flushes chemicals from the liver, using an infrared, lymph circulation enhancement for better health.

The 3-Tiered Detox Protocol

The Evaluation

First, we establish a baseline for how toxicity is affecting you and your body’s ability to detoxify and eliminate. This allows us to determine the best possible course of action to best help you achieve better detoxification (liver and lymph) and elimination (sweating, urination, exhaling and defecation). Frequent assessments are performed to help evaluate progress.

The Flush

Detoxification is an exclusive function of the liver. When chemicals (air pollutants, indoor pollutants, food supply pollutants, etc.) accumulate in the body at a faster rate than the liver’s ability to eliminate them, disease and obesity set in. The Flush is a supervised and utterly simple 5-day regimen of specific food+supplement liver rejuvenation protocol designed to help you shed years of life, look younger and slimmer on the outside and prevent/reverse chronic disease on the inside.

The Treatment

We utilize infrared, lymph circulation enhancement technology to promote natural detoxification, and produce the following health benefits:

  • Reduction of body weight and size
  • Activation of metabolism
  • Reduction/reshaping of cellulite of the legs
  • Improvement of bad venous circulation (varicose veins)
  • Reduction of premenstrual bloating
  • Improvement in skin oxygenation and tone
  • Decrease in bags under the eyes

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