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Posture Analysis

Good posture makes you look great, feel more energetic and project confidence. It also helps prevent injury, illness, and live a better life. The first step to understanding how to improve your posture is through a proper analysis.

Ready to Fix your Posture?

Correct Your Posture Now

If posture is not maintained, the body will behave like a car out of alignment or begin to crumble like a building without its foundation. Maintaining proper posture proactively helps you prevent or alleviate many chronic signs of aging, playing a significant role in your quality of life.

How Do We Fix Your Posture?

Posture Assessment

  • We assess your deviations with our state-of-the-art testing instruments.
  • Guided by your test results, we perform a 30-minute soft tissue treatment to release tight muscles indicated by the test utilizing advanced stretching techniques.
  • We perform another 30-minute session to target weak postural muscles with professionally supervised corrective, strength exercises.

How To Prepare For Your Posture Check

  • Wear minimal, tight fitting clothing to maximize joint visability
  • Long hair will need to be in a pony tail so shoulder can be assessed
  • No shoes should be worn during the check to allow you to assume your natural posture

Why Get Your Posture Checked?

  • Preserving and improving the health of your spine and joints are paramount for maintaining your quality of life and independence.
  • Small deviations can lead to big mobility and structural problems.
  • This preventative screening can highlight unnecessary wear and tear on the body and provide a road map for these correcting imbalances.
  • AND… it’s FREE

Who Should Get Posture Checked?

Everyone can benefit from a posture check, but if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, a posture check is a must:

  • Shrinkage
  • Lack of Energy
  • Aches and Pains
  • Bulging Stomach
  • Tight or Stiff Muscles
  • Upper Back Rounding
  • Walking Gait Imbalance

Results to Expect

Results from a postural correction program frequently include:

  • Proper/Efficient Use of Muscles
  • Resilient, Better Functioning Joints
  • A Straighter, More Youthful Spine
  • Better Flexibility of Shoulder, Hips, and Spine
  • Markedly Improved Energy
  • Significant Reduction In Neck, Back, and Shoulder Aches
  • Alleviation Of Muscular Pain
  • Younger, Attractive Appearance
  • Improved Confidence and Self Image

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