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Our Services

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is the cornerstone of our FIT50 Program and helps remove any road

blocks for your health and longevity. Along with personal training, a weekly personal

coaching session ensures accountability and motivation to reach goals. Our highly educated

and experienced professionals provide nutrition counseling, stress guidance, sleep

coaching and more.

Personal Training

Cardio Peak Training

Our Cardio Peak Training maintains your heart rate at a base level interspersed with peaks of intensity pushing to your personal max. It gives you the best of two worlds – cardio endurance that you get from steady state training and transformative fat burning benefits of high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Assisted Stretching

Our Assisted Stretching led by our expert trainers will help improve range of motion, mobility and posture. The session is aimed at physical recovery by elongating muscles, reducing stiffness and fending off injuries to provide greater health and longevity.

Functional Training

Our Functional Training focuses on training your muscles to do everyday activities safely and efficiently. The personalized exercises using a combination of resistance bands, dumbbells and body weight will develop and train your muscles across your body to work together to improve your quality of life.


Our post workout pressotherapy is the perfect way to relax muscles, reduce aches, prevent pain and alleviate stress. Pressotherapy uses various air pressures on different parts of the body in an alternating method of compression and decompression. The session will make it feel like you’re walking on clouds!

Advanced Testing

3D Full Body Scan

Our 3D Body Scan is completed in seconds and provides measurements with 2mm accuracy of your waist, hip, thigh and more so you can see the difference in your body’s shape. Nothing is more illustrative and more motivating then to actually see your body transform.

Body Composition Analysis

Our Body Composition Analysis breaks bodies into four key components including water, protein, mineral and fat. The detailed information it provides you and our expert coaches helps us differentiate what your body weight is made up of and develop a personalized workout plan

Heart Fitness Test

Our Heart Fitness Test will determine your target heart rate zones and serve as a guide for the intensity of your workouts. It is one of the numbers our expert trainers will use to develop a personalized workout plan and track your fitness and health progress.

Functional Movement Screen

Our Functional Movement Screen helps you and our expert trainers identify physical imbalances and weaknesses through a series of fundamental movement patterns. A program of functional exercises is developed using the screening with the goal of preventing injuries and performing everyday activities safely and efficiently.

Standard Descriptions of Our Services

Must be practiced and used by all team members no matter what their position is.


  • Three decades of coaching experience showed us that one weekly coaching session does not produce significant compliance for most clients.
  • We give our clients an advanced, ongoing tele-coaching availability and accountability platform manned up by experienced coaches.
  • You get a smart body composition scale and a Fitbit tracker and start taking pictures of your foods; boom, you are on your coach-guided program.
  • Our success with tele-coaching made us the number one weight loss center in town.


  • Functional training typically uses the whole body — definitely multiple muscles — emphasizing core strength and stability.
  • Functional training helps you more easily perform activities in everyday life by:
    • mirroring movements like squatting, reaching, or even carrying a heavy object,
    • building functional strength,
    • increasing your quality of life, and
    • reducing your risk of injury.


  • PCT is the most effective cardio training session for heart health and longevity.
  • Determined by age, sex, fitness, health, stress, nutrition, sleep, hydration, and many other factors, everyone has Unique Heart Capacity Zones. Exercising the heart within its cardio zone can be extremely safe and beneficial and is best done coached. We do advanced heart fitness and heart recovery tests utilizing validated HRV technology before starting PCT sessions and once every month thereafter.
  • Done right, PCT is the best-documented workout to naturally increase growth hormone, which is great for muscle mass, bone density, and belly fat reduction.


  • Muscle mass decreases in mass, strength, and function by approximately 3–8% per decade after age 30, and this rate of decline is even higher after age 60. This is called Sarcopenia.
  • Sarcopenia is a fundamental cause of functional dependence and disability in older age due to increased risks of falls and vulnerability to injury.
  • A decrease in muscle mass is accompanied by a progressive increase in fat mass and, consequently, changes in body composition. It is associated with an increased incidence of insulin resistance in the elderly.
  • Supervised A-HIT is the most researched workout that helps stop and reverse sarcopenia. It trains your major muscle groups against higher resistance levels safely, slowly, and gradually halting lean muscle mass decline as we age.


  • Starting as early as our 30s, we become stiffer, losing 1% of our range of motion every year, which quickly snowballs as we hit our 50s, causing:
    • multiple body aches, pain, and stiffness
    • reduced flexibility, increasing our chances for imbalance and falls.
  • Unlike occasional self-administered stretching, massage, yoga, and Pilates, assisted stretching practitioners deliver a precise stretch to the muscle that is just beyond its current active range of motion (not too far, too fast, or held for too long) without activating its stretch reflex, which has been shown in research to allow the muscle to lengthen 60% more with sequential sessions (wang et al. 1991).
    • overall wellness, fitness, and longevity.
    • posture, adding inches to your height.
    • circulation throughout the body.
    • Joint range of motion.
    • long-lasting flexibility.


  • The backbone or vertebral column comprises the bones (vertebra), joint-like spaces called intervertebral discs, and muscles. Age has a pronounced effect on all three, and over time, the back tends to curve forward, resulting in an increasingly stooped posture.
  • If posture is not maintained, the body starts to behave like a car out of alignment or crumble like a building without its foundation.
  • Maintaining proper posture proactively helps you prevent or alleviate many chronic signs of aging, playing a significant role in your quality of life.
  • Posture correction helps with the following conditions:
    • Shrinkage (shortening in height)
    • Lack of Energy.
    • Body Aches and Pains.
    • Bulging Stomach.
    • Tight or Stiff Muscles.
    • Upper Back Rounding.
    • Walking Gait Imbalance.


  • A state-of-the-art, computer-controlled compression/decompression system is used to inflate/deflate multiple sleeves applied to your upper and lower extremities covering the feet, arms, and entire midsection. It is a very relaxing, better than massage experience. Immediately after the treatment, you should feel extremely light and relaxed.
  • This system creates an automatic pressure gradient that provides a gentle, effective:
    • circulation enhancement to help remove lactic acid from your muscles and decrease swelling and discomfort while revitalizing and oxygenating the muscles.
    • lymphatic drainage to help remove metabolism by-products from your fat cells so they can lose their fat, leading to effective weight loss while promoting the natural healing actions of your body.
  • Additional Benefits
    • Pressotherapy can help
    • Reduce body weight
    • Improve Metabolism
    • Improve skin oxygenation and tone
    • Reduce bags under the eyes
    • Reduce/control cellulite and reshape the legs
    • Alleviate swelling of the legs
    • Reduce spider veins and the appearance of broken capillaries.


  • Although muscles account for about a third of the body weight, most advanced medical slimming devices focus on reducing fat but not increasing and shaping the underlying muscle mass.
  • The Sculpting Device produces over 20,000 contractions each session in each treated area (equivalent to 20,000 pushups, squats, etc.) Even at high intensity, the treatment experience is good, feeling a slight tingling or contraction.
  • The Sculpting Device is a dual-action instrument as it also generates controlled radio frequency to burn the fat layer covering the muscles. It causes fat apoptosis or permanent fat cell death, making stubborn fat available for normal metabolism.
  • Visible results can be seen in 2-4 weeks and greatly enhanced with ongoing treatments.


  • Fascia comprises sheets of tough tissue that are found below the skin and travel throughout the inside of your body. It attaches to and stabilizes every muscle, tendon, ligament, bone, and organ in your body.
  • Certain factors, such as repetitive movement, trauma, or limited physical activity, can thicken and tighten the fascia giving you a stiff neck, sore back, aching muscles, and limited mobility.
  • Applying repeated pressure at high speed makes the fascia more pliable so your muscles and joints can move more easily and efficiently.
  • Deep Fascia Therapy uses a percussive gun with built-in heads of different shapes that move quickly and forcefully. The percussive gun head is placed on the muscles only, avoiding joints and bones, focusing on one area for just 10 to 30 seconds.
  • Deep Fascia Therapy helps with the following:
    • Improved mobility
    • Reduced soreness after exercise
    • Decreased delayed onset muscle soreness
  • Deep Fascia Therapy is primarily used:
    • Before a workout, warm the muscles decreasing the chance of injury.
    • After a workout, decrease the chance of muscle soreness and improve recovery time.
    • In the morning, to reduce muscle tension, improve range of motion and muscle movement.
    • In the evening, for deep relaxation that may help you sleep.


Skin proteins, collagen/elastin, form the mesh on which healthy skin is constructed. As they decline with age, they contribute to our appearance of aging.

During a Photofacial session, active light penetrates the skin to a depth of more than 1/3rd inch, stimulating the deep skin cells to increase their natural collagen and elastin production with visible and impressive improvements in skin tone and texture, pigmentation, pore sizes, wrinkles and signs of aging. It can also reduce acne and acne scars.

Our Photofacial device is state-of-the-art, UV-free, noninvasive, natural, and pain-free and does not cut, burn, or break the skin as laser treatment, and no healing or downtime is involved.

This advanced technology produces many five different lights for different applications:

RED LIGHT: for skin tightening, whitening, and vascularity.

BLUE LIGHT: for oily skin and acne.

GREEN LIGHT: for sensitive skin.

YELLOW LIGHT: for freckles, pigmentation, and skin-reddening legions.

PURPLE LIGHT: for acne scars

FIVE-COLOR CYCLE MODE: for all of the above and deep skin restoration.

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