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Weight Loss Experts

Our highly trained staff of weight loss experts apply modern scientific knowledge across multiple disciplines such as Naturopathy, Public Health, Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, Exercise Science, Sports Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition and Personal Training to build a specialized program for adults of all ages and specifically those 50 and over.

Meet Our Fantastic Team

Dr. Claude Matar


Dr. Claude Matar founded Pasadena Weight Loss Center in 1996. He received his MD in 1986 and became board certified in naturopathic medicine and a clinical nutritionist 1998. Instead of practicing western or eastern medicine, his research into the underlying cause of illness and disease lead to the development of a completely natural and highly effective longevity protocol for men and women over 50, through patient lifestyle education. For over two decades, most clients have been reversing chronic disease, reducing or eliminating their meds and, of course, achieving optimum weight and body composition with what he then termed: the FIT50 longevity program.

Rawaa Matar


Program Coordinator

Rawaa is the Program Coordinator and has a Masters in Business Administration. Also a Bachelor of Science and Associates Degree in Applied Science. Her favorite time spent is with Bella (her dog). She enjoys cooking & eating healthy food.

Gaellan Bewernick


Fitness and Assisted Stretch Specialist

As a former Division 1 athlete Gaellan developed a passion for fitness training. After his playing career, he went on to be a Graduate Assistant, then from which he was promoted to a full-time assistant basketball coach for his alma mater Northern Arizona University. Because of how often he was in the weight room, the strength and conditioning coaches implanted the idea of him becoming certified as a trainer. In returning home to Southern California, he pursued that idea and became a Certified Personal Trainer. Gaellan loves helping others and finding new and fun ways for clients to achieve their fitness goals.

Hobbies include: playing and coaching basketball, going to the movies, and traveling.

Available: Saturday 7:00AM-3:30PM

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Our Areas of Expertise

Our Areas of Expertise

We coordinate closely with your doctor so that you are seen more frequently for meds, and health evaluation as most clients need frequent adjustments of their meds.

Your Life Coach

The most significant coaching activity occurs between you and your Life Coach, as you work effectively on putting life in order so that attention to you and your health can move to the top of your priority list.

Your Personal Trainer: Highly trained exercise professionals supervise all of your workouts, one-on-one.

Your Coaching Coordinator (HCC)

This is the person in charge of the well-functioning and administration of the coaching system, coaches and any coordination necessary with you, your PCP, our wellness consultant, and coaching supervisor.

Your Coaching Supervisor (HCS)

Every coach operates under a certified HCS. The HCS receives your chart following coaching sessions, evaluates your progress, advises the coach, etc.

Your Wellness Consultant (HWC)

Helps enlighten you on the different options available to you and proposes an ideal plan that can be afforded by you and gets you started without delay. The HPC maintains communication with the AP so that further coaching, tools, programs, and services, when needed, are planned and obtained without interruption of service.

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