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COVID-19 Response

Pasadena Weight Loss Center has adapted its program and delivery of services to keep you safe during the pandemic

Our Award-Winning Weight Loss Program Has Been Adapted For The COVID-19 Era

How We Keep You Safe

Virtual Smart Coaching Program

Our award-winning weight loss coaching program is now a smart coaching program that is delivered virtually via video coaching calls and with the assistance of an app. Our expert lifestyle weight loss coaches use simple, secure and smart technology to track your progress and coach you in real time. You are guided step-by-step and gain skills in nutrition, exercise, mindset habits, sleeping, and stress management. Through smart technology you and your coach can track your progress and quickly adjust your plan to optimize your results.

Advanced Personal Training

Many gyms are closed and many more had to file for bankruptcy due to the impact of the pandemic.

Pasadena Weight Loss Center’s advanced personal training and fitness program continues and has been adapted to keep you safe.

  • The entire facility is reserved for one person and a trainer at a time. This means the building is reserved for one person and one trainer for a one-on-one training session. Our policy is that only one client can be in the building at any given time.
  • Our highly qualified and experienced personal trainer wears a mask to protect you. The client is not required to wear a mask but may choose to do so.
  • All workout equipment is sanitized and disinfected before an appointment starts; at the end of the previous workout before you enter the building. We take this very seriously so that you can relax about giving your workout your all!
  • The air conditioning system runs continuously while both front and back doors are wide open which reduces your potential for catching a bug by 95%.

If you’ve never tried our advanced fitness equipment, HIIT training, and resistance training, you can take advantage of our free trial session to experience advanced personal training for yourself.

All trials are also just one person in the building at a time.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

If you have any concerns, suggestions or questions you might want to get answered before you book, please feel free to contact us.

Virtual Personal Training Sessions

Clients who prefer to work out at home with a personal trainer can book a virtual personal training session with our certified personal trainers. Your trainer will help you get set up with the right equipment (if needed) and will take you through a workout routine to exercise different muscle groups. Your trainer will also customize cardio workouts for your level of fitness. Working with a personal trainer helps you to show up for your workouts and to be guided through a workout for your level of fitness and to keep you motivated and accountable.

One-on-One Sessions

Book private sessions and work with your trainer virtually.

Small Group Sessions (1-5 people)

Create a small group of between one and five people and work out together. A group session helps you to connect with others. Create a group with friends or family members to help you stay connected and in shape during the pandemic.

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