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Lose Weight. Get Fit. Reverse & Prevent Chronic Illness.

A coaching program that integrates dietary lifestyle changes, regular physical activity, restorative sleep, stress management, and positive social connection to bring the body to it's natural state.

Smart Weight Loss Coaching Program

Our weight loss coaching program built on 20+ years of weight loss experience. Our award-winning program is now adapted for present times where expert lifestyle weight loss coaches use simple, secure and smart technology to track your progress and coach you in real time. You are guided step-by-step and gain skills in nutrition, exercise, mindset habits, sleeping, and stress management. Through smart technology you and your coach can track your progress and quickly adjust your plan to optimize your results.


Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

A 6-step, one-on-one, applied study of healthful longevity as it applies to you as an individual - delivered by highly qualified professionals in the fields of life coaching, nutrition, exercise science, stress management and lifestyle medicine.

Smart Tracking

FitBit tracker and smart body composition scale that connect with our database to provide real-time reporting to your coach.

Nutrition Plan

Personalized dietary changes that meet you where you at and gently move you along to long-lasting healthy eating habits.

Supplement Plan

Personalized supplement suggestions that address your unique health status and wellness goals.

Live Coaching

Real time, live coaching through direct in-person weekly sessions, video coaching calls and as needed by phone.

Weekly Recipes

Customized meal suggestions and strategies, weekly recipes and shopping list suggestions delivered via email and an easy to use app.

Sleep Coaching

Optimal sleep is key to weight loss and vibrant health. We'll help you find the path to a restorative sleep habit.

Stress Management

We'll help you alleviate mental strain, reduce the symptoms of stress and fatigue, and even improve happiness.

Physical Activity

We'll coach you how to incorporate movement and exercise into you daily schedule and give you workout routines based on your fitness level.

We've helped HUNDREDS OF ADULTS to not only lose weight but to achieve healthy habits regarding their diet, exercise, and mindset to help them live longer and feel happier. Now we'd like to help YOU.


Advanced Monthly Testing

Your membership gives you access to state-of-the-art technology for monthly testing, measuring and analysis to help you stay focused on getting to your goal weight.

3-Dimensional Full Body Scan

Detailed body measurements to assess your progress month-to-month.

Segmental Full Body Composition Analyzer

Get an accurate picture of exactly how your body composition is changing.

Heart Recovery Test

Track your stress resilience to adjust your workouts for greater efficiency.

Safe Fitness Zone Test

Track your specific cardiovascular fitness zone for effective and safe HIIT training.

Posture Check

Preserve and improve the health of your spine and joints.

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Monthly Assessments

  • Sleep Pattern Assessment
  • Chronic Conditions Assessment
  • Life Balance Assessment
  • Daily Rhythm & Schedule Assessment
  • Progress & Experience Assessment


Access the Latest Innovations In Fitness

All sessions are supervised by highly experienced exercise science professionals and personalized to your age, fitness and health level based on advanced testing.

*Unlimited access with VIP memberships*

Peak Cardio Training

Exercise smarter, not harder. Muscle mass naturally decreases and body fat increases as we get older. With a 20-minute HIIT workout you can slow down, stop or even reverse that trend while also lowering blood pressure, “bad” cholesterol, and body fat.

Resistance Training

Lose fat, not water. Adaptive resistance training has been proven to lower the risk for heart disease, significantly reduces blood pressure, increases good cholesterol, substantially lower insulin levels, and improve bone density. 10 Minutes on this machine is equal to one week in the gym.

Range of Motion Training

Feel limberness, not stiffness. The Metabolism Exercises (AMX) used at a high intensity for 4 minutes has been proven to equal 45 minutes of resistance training, 45 minutes of cardio, and 20 minutes of stretching.

Get Measurable Results In a Fraction of the Time

Our expert personal trainers have helped more than 1000+ patients aged 50+ achieve their fitness goals.

Voted the #1 Weight Loss Center in the San Gabriel Valley

"I’ve been seeing Dr. Matar for 17 months and I’ve lost 108 lbs thus far. But the real benefit to the program has been the knowledge I’ve gained about nutrition at the cellular level and the coaching I get to stay focused on changing my lifestyle.”


Happy Client

"I have been overweight my entire life, and tried many other weight loss programs, but I have never succeed until I met Dr. Matar. I have been in his program for 9 months and I have lost 57 pounds & my body fat has gone down 27%. I feel fantastic ... so much healthier."


Happy Client

We've helped hundreds of people over 50 reach their goal weight, get fit and reverse chronic illness


Your membership gets you discounted rates on professional services and advanced genetic testing.


Up to 20% OFF

Take Weight Loss One Step Further

  • Professional In-Office Review Sessions
  • Post-Workout Recovery & Detox Sessions
  • Posture Correction Sessions


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Personalized Medicine With Genetic Testing

  • Advanced Weight Loss Microbiome Test
  • Advanced Wellness Genome Test
  • Advanced Longevity Epigenome Test


Up to 15% OFF

Immersion Experiential Retreats + Special Events

  • Experiential Longevity Retreats with Dr. Claude Matar
  • Educational Workshops & Seminars
  • Exclusive Events for Members Only

Claim Back Your Natural Healthy Weight Today

Join countless others who've radically changed their health, lost 100s of pounds and became part of a community of like-minded adults who seek wellness + a vibrant lifestyle.

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