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Evidence-Based Natural Weight Loss

At Pasadena Weight Loss Center, we believe there's a better way to approach natural weight loss. A more impactful, long term and results-driven way where you are given the knowledge and tools to be in control of your body and its state of wellness, fitness and slimness for the rest of your, hopefully, long life. We are deeply committed to helping clients feel happy, energetic and confident in their bodies. Our methods based in lifestyle medicine and longevity science lead to the prevention and reversal of chronic illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and cognitive decline.

Our Founding

Pasadena Weight Loss Center and its award-winning FIT50 Longevity Program for natural weight loss applying the very effective Hygienology coaching system was founded by Dr. Claude Matar in 1996. Dr. Matar applies over three decades of lifestyle medicine experience and extensive research on the causes of what he termed Premature Subclinical Degeneration Syndrome (PSDS) in his programs, coaching methodology and longevity education to help people lose weight, exercise properly and reverse chronic illness.


I dream of a healthcare system where everyone has access to simple, inexpensive, workable information and training on health promotion and disease prevention. Where patients are looked at as participating students, and primary care doctors as teachers. Where individuals are unburdened by their physical complaints but instead are more engaged in the pursuit of spiritual freedom.

Our Mission

Pasadena Weight Loss Center is deeply committed to the prevention, treatment and reversal of chronic illness.

We are dedicated to helping adults learn healthy diet, exercise, and mindset habits based on the latest science to help them live longer and feel happier.

We focus client education on correcting imbalanced diet, activity and lifestyles. These lifestyle factors when modified prevent the causes of overweight, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, stroke, cognitive decline and early death.

The Method

The FIT50 Longevity Program is a three-tiered route to wellness that integrates:

  • fitness
  • lifestyle
  • education

What makes our program so unique is how it helps people reverse the RISKS FOR EARLY DISEASE, DISABILITY AND MORTALITY. We focus on lowering excess BELLY FAT, BLOOD PRESSURE, BLOOD SUGAR, and CHOLESTEROL, as these are underlying causes for Heart Attacks, Strokes, Cancer, etc, which is precisely what we would like to help adults address.


Coaching Approach

For a hands-on experience on how Hygienology coaching is a applied in a natural weight loss program, schedule a Free Trial.


Unique Coaching System

The Hygienology coaching system is a 6-step, one-on-one, applied study of healthful longevity as it applies to one individual. It is delivered by highly qualified professionals, in the fields of life coaching, nutrition, active life, stress, etc.



Evidence-Based Tools

Hygienology is the collective evidence-based tools applied to reverse Premature Subclinical Degeneration Syndrome (PSDS) so that a well, fit, slim life can be achieved for all. PSDS is a set of asymptomatic, concurrent risk factors that usually go unnoticed and cause weight gain.



Centenerian Lifestyle

Hygienology is a practical attempt at bridging the ancient centenarian culture of the East Mediterranean to the inhabitants of the New World as they live and operate in their modern-day environments and at their individual readiness level.



Award-Winning Program

Hygienology has been implemented as an award-winning program, at the Pasadena Weight Loss Center for over two decades, helping active, 50+-year-olds successfully delay disability and enjoy well, fit, slim, extended, happy, active, high-quality lives through good habits and routines..


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